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Too many People know this Problem. ..it’s Not good that people have this pain. I think that our medicine has to do something against this…read it..

Yours Marifee

Wikie Pedia

Chronic PainA number of Kiwis (more than 2 million people) suffer from chronic pain, which is defined as the pain that lasts more than 6 months. This kind of pain may be excruciating or mild, continuous or episodic, totally incapacitating or merely inconvenient. With chronic pain, signs of pain remain active in nervous system for months and sometimes even years. It can take both an emotional and physical toll on an individual.

A common source of pain stems from joint pain, headaches, backaches and pain from injury. Other types of chronic pain include carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus pain, tendinitis and pain affecting certain parts of body like pelvis and neck. Generalized nerve or muscle pain may even develop into chronic condition.

Chronic pain can originate with injury/trauma or infection or there can be an ongoing reason for the pain. Some of the people suffer a lot from chronic pain in absence…

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