Wissen – Genießen – Leben

Some weeks ago I have seen a film about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain..their greatest song they don’t wanted to play at last. .and so the Fans wanted this song to hear on their concerts but Nirvana don’t wanted.
So for me the question is: why somebody writes a song, becomes public and famous..and when they have this..I don’t want anymore? Kurt Cobain knew that when he wrote this song that this will happen…so I think that his depressive side was the Winner and this was the reason why he died so young. Many people in this world are depressive and it’s very sad that this happen…in still memory of all the people who died in depressive.

Yours Marifee

Welcome to the Music Club

Almost midnight, and this song has some high-end power chords to create the dirty sound that Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was known for.

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