Wissen – Genießen – Leben

Yammy…looks very good…I will cook it…thanks for this wonderful meat…



Hello everyone, hope you had amazing and relaxing holidays. Me and my husband had a lot of delicious food during the past weeks, so we are trying to limit the amount of fat in our food in order to return to a more healthy diet but also not leaving the delicious taste aside.

In fact, this pasta is a perfect choice for when you want to switch to a healthy but delicious regime as it has smoked salmon, red onion, no cream (instead I used whole unhomogenised milk – which is a much healthier version than the original one) and white wine. All these ingredient work amazingly well with each other as they create the most creamy, rich flavour from the smoked salmon which is beautifully accompanied by the sweet onion and sharp dry white wine taste.

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