Wissen – Genießen – Leben

What I Read in 2014

Reading is important. ..to know things is inside the people… we always want to learn, to know how a roman book ends…to learn about other cultures…and many more…

To read is important for our brain..if we don’t read we forget…

I have read last year also many good books..in this technic world we have more chances to read all the books we want. ..but many people prefer the paper books…I have both…and I like them both..

Make a test what is your favorite…get happy and read…

Yours Marifee

Eva Holland

I managed to read a heap of good stuff this year, nearly all of it narrative nonfiction. I burned through Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers back in January, and I still can’t quite comprehend how she transformed her years of reporting into such a seamless story. I picked up John Jeremiah Sullivan’s instant-classic essay collection, Pulphead, during a trip to Boulder in March, and have been working my way through it ever since. Later that same month I read two fascinating books by writer pals of mine during a three-day ferry ride from Bellingham, Washington, to Southeast Alaska: The Oil Man and the Sea, Arno Kopecky’s chronicle of a sailing trip through the proposed tanker route for a controversial pipeline, and The Footloose American, about a young Hunter S. Thompson in South America, by Brian Kevin.

In the spring I read two wonderful books by Mike…

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