Wissen – Genießen – Leben

This Dazzling World

Wonderful…were you made the picture? Warm and amazing colours…and your words are perfect…love it! Wish you all the best for the new year….best wishes Marifee

Love in the Spaces


The stirring sun’s strands seem to gather into an outsized hand.  A finger pokes the lighthouse from offstage, an entreaty to shake off that opaque midnight black and join the horizon’s color riot.

Given the weather, this sunrise had not seemed at all promising.  But I was up, the beagles were fed and walked, traffic on the way to work was unlikely to have yet ensnarled  . . . and so I hauled myself the extra few miles to look out at the Atlantic before dawn.

Today is Jim’s birthday.  He’s not here to grow older, so I have to figure out how to celebrate it for him.

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